Workshop and Seminar on the Business and Practice of Mediation Advocacy in Nigeria

The Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) in conjunction with Fotefa Partners is pleased to invite you to a unique and uncommon workshop on the “Business and Practice of Mediation advocacy; Prospects and Challenges”. The workshop is aimed at educating legal practitioners on the techniques of presenting and arguing a client’s position, needs, and interests in a non-adversarial way.

It is not in doubt that mediation is a sophisticated process with its own internal dynamics which recognizes the following;

  1. That negotiated outcome of a dispute is usually better;
  2. That parties to a dispute should control its process and its outcome;
  3. That parties to a dispute should be assisted by professional representatives or advisers (mediation advocates) in coming to a settlement that both deals with all matters in issue and also meets their true needs and wider interests.
  4. That parties to a dispute should have regard to helping the opposite party secure its needs while at the same time preserving their own. The workshop would center on the following:
  • The Practice of Mediation Advocacy
  • The Business of Mediation advocacy
  • Types of Case that can be referred to Mediation
  • Lawyers/ Mediation Advocates’ role in Mediation
  • Benefits of mediation over Litigation
  • Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC)
  • Enforcement of settlements reached at Mediation
  • Arguments for and against Mediation

There would be a Key Note speaker and a panel of discussants comprising of Senior advocates of Nigeria, High court Judges, and it promises to be a highly interactive session in which questions would be taken from attendees.


Date: Tuesday 28th November, 2017

Venue: Peace Hall, Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC)

High Court of Justice, Igbosere, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

Attendance is free but registration is required

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Call: 08090702826