Mediation can be utilized in resolving a wide range of disputes including but not limited to the following;
 Banking and Insurance related disputes
 Commercial /Local dispute resolution
 Landlord and Tenant matters
 Property disputes
 Debt recoveries
 Libel and slander
 Administration of Estate
 Employment and Trade Disputes
 Construction disputes
 Accident and tort
 Medical negligence
 Contracts enforcement
 Family disputes including marital disputes, child custody etc
 Succession disputes
 Small claims etc.


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Mediation cases

The lawyers represent their clients as MEDIATION ADVOCATES and drive the settlement initiative.
He is obligated to assist clients in evaluating and preparing settlement options. If no settlement is
reached, then the cases can either be referred to Arbitration or taken to court.


Footnotes:* Standing Conference Of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) *The Lagos Multi- Door Courthouse Law (LMDC) 2007*
The LMDC Practice Direction on Mediation Procedure* The Multi Door Courthouse Code of Ethics for Mediators* Guidelines
For Enforcement Procedure *Guidelines for Court referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution *Principles of Alternative
Dispute Resolution by Stephen J.Ware *Effective Mediation Advocacy by Andrew Goodman.*

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